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Monday, July 18, 2005

The first bite

I have long wanted to create a food-lovin' blog; well, I've always wanted to be a paid food critic (or a psychologist) but this works. I have been procrastinating and waiting for "just the right moment," but am learning that in life, the right moment doesn't come along if you don't make it happen. Which is why I'm here. Since I spend a lot of my free time reading other writer's words about food + drink, I thought I should try my hand at writing. My family is full of talented writers--my dad is a retired lawyer skilled at using language to debate, my mom is a poet and essayist who can call on you to think and feel deeply in the first few sentences, my eldest brother holds a wealth of family knowledge and is a great storyteller and humorist, my other brother is a professional persuader who writes to thousands of peope each week through his brilliantly simple email newsletter, and my sister specializes in charming rhymes to mark special occasions.

My goal for this "publication" is to share my food and drink finds, experiences, and stories of my culinary adventures at home.

Here goes...


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