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Thursday, August 18, 2005

too tired but eating well

i am so beat from a whole new level of busy at work. it's sometimes energizing, but i'd rather been hanging out at home any day. the best part of our new house and summer has been the grill. i'm calling this the "summer of corn" because i discovered how to brown the golden beauties in husk (after a silk-peel and soakin'). mmmm. i love august. it's my moms' birthdays and the fresh food is colorful, juicy and always earthy:
- tomatoes are ~finally~ starting to show up at the farmer's market
- stone fruits of all types dripping juice down my thumb
- did i mention the corn?
- dinner salads keep you cool
- grilling with that evening breeze is so much nicer than standing over a hot stove
- i like to pop berries (1. blue, 2. black, 3. rasp) or cherry tomatoes after a quick rinse

my friend tricia brought me tomato plants the other day -- some nicely progressed romas, and two sauce tomato plants. i just hope i can keep them alive.

here's a recipe from reba that is caling my name:
tomato pie though it may not be fair to skip my mom's tomato gratin (slow-roasted tomatoes or raw ones, topped with goat-cheese, olive oil, garlic, and parm)
how about both?


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