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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

almost september, almost autumn

interesting that i post on the 18th and 31st of every month at the moment. i've been thinking food always as usual, yet somehow i've dropped 3 more pounds in the last couple of weeks. it must be my steady tomato diet. ;-)

this week, i made the first dinner that signals autumn. richer flavors, everything warm. here's a picture:

it had rained heavily that day and the high was only about 70 degrees. the night called for something cozier (and indoors since the grill has no shelter yet, we're working on it).

- i broiled chicken successfully for the first time; i learned that 6 - 8" from the heat source is better than just under it when your meat's coated with olive oil. i know it seems elementary, but i thought broil meant "close to heat" all these years. then i slathered on some bbq sauce in the last few minutes. it was delicious.
- side dish number one was my first successful attempt at smashed potatoes. i finally paid attention to my milk/butter combo and didn't boil it for once. i put cilantro butter in and it gave the organic, farmer's market potatoes a nice fresh twist.
- side dish number two was another first success. beet greens sautéed in olive oil, garlic, and red onions with a dash of balsamic to finish it off. yum, earthy goodness.

i took a photo of this dinner because i felt i accomplished a lot of firsts. i also feel like i am beginning to "get" my new stove and we work well together.

this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship....


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