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Friday, November 11, 2005

laid-off luncheons

since i got laid off three weeks ago (the experience was so not as dramatic as it could have been, besides the lead-up stress of not knowing my fate), i have become a happy lunch date for just about everyone i know. i am really thrilled to have the time off. aside from the occasional what-will-become-of-me stress, i take well to the lack of routine. i have dined on thai, sushi, comforting breakfasts, tuna melts, and more at home. my favorite new in-home treat is a quick brie, dried cranberry, and onion quesadilla. I sautée some onions with shallots & salt, then butter up a pan for my tortilla, and load on the brie (first so it melts), cranberries and then onions. i believe strongly in buttering the pan before laying down my tortilla. quesadillas from the oven just don't have the same crisp. since i use earth balance vegan spread, i don't have cholesterol guilt.

this weekend, b and i are celebrating our anniversary by way of a welcome trip to hood river, a sleepy town on the columbia river gorge about 40 miles from here. i can't wait to see what culinary culture we find there. i know sunday morning involves some free wine tasting, though. :)

tonight, we're treating ourselves to yet another meal out. this makes for more times out this month than usual and i'm pulling in about $1000 per month LESS in income. something isn't adding up, but somehow the equation feels right at the moment.


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