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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

i'm baaaa-aaack. and so is thanksgiving.

Just landed from a trip to the Northeast, and have to excuse myself for missing two days, there was no internet where I was.

So, last year, I stuffed myself at Thanksgiving supper and decided that the holiday was d├ęgoulasse (that's French for disgusting as hell). This year, I'm in charge of Thanksgiving, which is the way I think I needed to do it this year. Suddenly, I'm intensely interested in every element of the holiday. Well, my friend KP and I are in the aprons, both. She's hosting at her house, with hubby BenP & son Will, his parents and of course, PFE (Elliot).

We've ordered the turkey (we'll roast it), prepped mashed p & gravy. I'm in charge of all but turkey & stuffing I think. Hey, maybe I need to talk to Kate about that....Either way, I spent all weekend talking about it with a friend and I can't wait to have a kitchen party with myself to get ready. And because I like lists:

- Roasted turkey (deliver roasting pan & hot plate, what about carving/serving plate)
- Dijon & brown sugar-glazed carrots (carrots)
- Roasted green beans & shallots (green beans)
- Apps: Baked brie with jam and a flaky crust, sweet potato pancakes, mini-quiches, crackers & cheese
- Deliver white place setting, what about apple & leave votives? Placemats, or trivets and serving dishes needed?

Whoa, that's maybe too many appetizers. I just want to fit it all into one year.


Blogger Laura said...

woah! that's impressive. and, that's not too many appetizers! that's the perfect amount to give one to me so I can pass it off as mine with Matt's family! Ha ha, just kidding (unless you'd be into, just kidding, really.)

2:53 PM  

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