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Saturday, November 11, 2006

NaBloPoMo challenged

I am writing from my father-in-law's computer in their part-time home in Williamstown, Mass. When I'm at home, it's hard enough to keep up with daily blog posting goals, but on vacation, it's even more difficult. When I do get to a computer, my instincts drive me directly to my work e-mail access page which usually inspires a flurry of activity after which I push myself away from the computer when the nagging voice in my head tells me it's time to relax.

It wasn't until we enjoyed an evening at local restaurant Mezze that I remembered my neglected blog. My in-laws are watching TV in bed, so I'd better get out of their bedroom (where the computer is) soon, or I'm spending the night in this chair. That said, I'll run down the highlight dish of our anniversary celebration meal....

Max (my bro-in-law) lucked out with the best when he ordered Sea Scallops seared and served over a cauliflower puree with hen from the woods mushrooms with a subtle truffle vinaigrette. It was at once rich and delicate, an ideal mix for the cool fall night.

I better go, and may post tomorrow, but I'll be computer-free from Monday through Wednesday. See you soon!!


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