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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaBloPoMo makes me hungry

I found out about National Blog Posting Month (or NaBloPoMo) from my dear pal Laura. She's pretty stinking cool, actually, but I'll save that for another day. Basically, I have to write a blog post a day in order to participate. I think that was my plan when I originally signed up for Blogger over a year ago, but it didn't quite work out that way. Perhaps with the duty to a plethora of people I'll come through vs. when it's just being accountable to myself.

I'll kick off the month with a little story about why I'm so hungry. I'm the kind of cook who learns more about planning every time I make a meal. I'm getting better about having everything on the table at one time, but I still start recipes that require an ingredient I don't actually have on hand, resulting in my kind hubby walking to the store many times a month. Well, I've made a concerted effort to get better at planning this past year, and it was starting to pay off. Until forgetfulness set in.

Yesterday I dutifully rubbed a whole chicken with a simple blend of spices (garlic powder, onion powder, peppers—three kinds, and salt) and bagged it overnight to let the spices soak in. Then, I was supposed to put the chicken in a low heat oven at 250° about 5 hours before dinnertime. Well, here it is, close to dinner time and my chicken is still in the fridge. I wasn't thinking about dinner at noon, therefore no cooking occurred. And, frankly, I can't really blame NaBloPoMo for any of this, but I just liked the subject line.

So there.


Blogger laurabeggar said... i'm hungry. I love your blog! (I've been catching up on the archives) and I hoping with my comment now you can get mine (just in case it's


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