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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

lunch, interrupted

so, i'm from the mid-atlantic/northeast corridor. i should know about snow. but, because i was forced to walk to school in the snow, or unhappily driven, i don't really know how to drive in the snow. worse yet, portland's famous "ice storm" a là "the storm of the century" on FOX news, engendered fear in me in 2004 (even though I didn't live here yet).

the day started with a little memory. my friend said she loves butternut squash ravioli. i have that chinook book coupon for $2 off at pastaworks. it's nearing the defunctifying 12/31. oh yes. i called ahead and yes, they would put some triangola di zucca aside for me.

i bought some sage leaves, veggie broth and i just knew my host would be holdin' (earth balance). i put some brussel sprouts in my basket for good measure. you gotta have something green. so, we talked through a quick meal prep (and a smokin', fried-finger stovetop) to end up with a drippy sage butter broth for the pasta and some parm-tossed sprouts on the side. it was going to be legendary. that's not the appropriate word, but it's fun. and then, we looked outside. it was snowing, twirling, and... sticking.

we (i) gulped down my luxurious lunch and headed home on a slow highway. i listened to something intriguing, i'm sure, on NPR (the call it OPB here) on the drive home.


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