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Sunday, March 19, 2006

aye done it

the corned beef was delicious. i love the idea that i can put meat, water, beer and brine into a slow cooker and leave it for 5 hours (maybe a smidge too long) to cook itself.

i made a corned beef hash with the meat, which means we had red peppers, onions, and garlic to round out the food groups. i was supposed to include potatoes (hello, irish!) but forgot in the excitement. we still have another pound of cooked corned beef left, so there will be lunch leftovers to enjoy.

we shared a 22oz bottle of Guinness with our corned beef, with mashed rutabagas and green beans on the side. it was a pretty good way to celebrate st. patrick's day for someone who's never been into green beer.

then, yesterday morning, i made the potatoes along with scrambled eggs as we watched our college basketball team lose to duke. they could have played much better, but didn't. oh well, most teams i like seem to choke when it comes to the big games. i'm pretty proud of gwu for getting this far.


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