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Friday, March 10, 2006

oscars + grilled cheese = award-winning fun!

ben and i hosted a small oscar get together for his band mates & their sweeties last weekend. this was no glamorous affair with diamonds and gowns. no. instead, we went for an interactive "grill your own cheese sandwich" party. it was quite easy and successful (nobody burned the house down). if you want to go all out, get the book "Great Grilled Cheese" by Laura Werlin and i'm sure she has plenty of great ideas. i opted to visit the Greatest Grilled Cheese contest website to get some free ideas. here's what i put out for the sandwich makers:
- white bread & wheat bread
- white american cheese (orange is worthless, take it from a philly girl)
- swiss cheese
- goat cheese
- tomatoes
- red onions
- chopped bacon
- roasted garlic
- apricot preserves (that's for the goat cheese, great with fig too)
- salad
- and what's a grilled cheese party without tomato soup (canned for authenticity)

and in homage to the northwest:
- shredded sharp cheddar
- pears
-hazelnut meal from Freddie Guys Filberts

no one went for the goat cheese with apricot preserves. but that means i have plenty for leftovers. yum! the best part about this event was that i prepared everything ahead of time, didn't worry about being stuck in the kitchen, and everyone can eat what they like. unles she is vegan (i would have had soy cheese, honest). also, we spent the night noshing on grilled cheese sandwiches and heckling the tv. it's like high school all over again without the social angst.


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