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Sunday, January 22, 2006

lunch, smushed

i sit here, aching, in awe of how i spent the last 48 hours. my husband and i went snowboarding for the first time in our lives. i had never, to date, been atop a snowy mountain and now i have fallen/ridden down a big, powder-packed mountain about 10 times. b and i escaped the city and headed to redmond, oregon & mt. bachelor for our adventure. it was wildly snowing when we approached the mountain for the first time and i marveled at the snow-covered pines and chair lifts that seemed to head into heaven.

one of the most lovable things about my man is his commitment to sack lunches. he's disciplined about planning and making to-go lunches for work, travel, and now, adventure. we packed a traditional set of soynut butter (no pb for me) and strawberry jelly sandwiches, Mariani dried fruit (the moistest, though likely packed with preservatives, tsk, tsk ), baby carrots, and some great organic apple pear juice boxes. ben wore our lunch in a pouch fastened around his waist both days and naturally, fell on our food a couple of times before lunch. but, without fail, i rejoiced in my smushed sandwich at lunchtime in the lodge when others were scarfing down greasy nachos, gravy-covered fries, and overcooked burgers. how do these people find the energy to pick themselves up from a pile of snow with the weight of that lunch in their bellies? i'm glad i didn't have to find out. i had a hard enough time trying to pick myself up at all. now off to a warm bath.... well, maybe after a dinner of turkey burgers, sweet potato wedges, and roasted asparagus. mmmmm.