Can I have a bite?

Eating. Drinking. Sometimes at home, sometimes on the town.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

back yard crab cake

no, not a crab bake. crab cake.

last night, i carefully unwrapped and cooked my favorite new food luxury. a linda brand crab cake from new seasons. succulent and spicy, the $3.50 bargain buy has a strong peppery bite, crunchy green onions, polite parsley, crispy golden bread crumbs and of course, deliciously local dungeness crab. i sautéed it with medium-high heat in some olive oil and a bit of butter in order to really feel regal. i added some leftover steamed broccoli to my plate, poured a glass of smoking loon viogner (i'm a sucker for the label), and headed outside.

i enjoyed my dinner at our new wrought iron bistro table and watched dusk creep in.

i missed my man, but the meal made me quite happy in the moment.

Monday, April 10, 2006

passing on passover

i'm a little upset this week because i had planned to hold a passover seder this coming wednesday after sundown. but, upon looking at the menu and my week's work schedule, i've decided that putting together a seder would be more stressful than inspiring.

i'm making a quick note of this feeling because i'd like to promise myself to participate in or plan a seder next year, in 2007. i promise to make good use of the recipe booklet given to me by my generous grandmother-in-law.