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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

cooking for one

after 6 years of living with my boyfriend now hubby, i've grown accustom to meal planning for two. over the last week and a half, with my sweetie gone off to boston for training with his new job, i have reverted back to scavenging for one.

it's funny, i used to relish in making meals for one and lament too many leftovers. now, i think i'm so out of the habit of cooking for one that instead of trying, i'm defaulting to buying. given the latest look at our shrinking bank balance, i'm not choosing the right path. i was forced out last weekend when i met up with friends in california, and we stuffed junk like pizza, chinese food with msg and sickeningly rich (and mediocre) french food in our mouths. i returned home, sick and in the mood for a homemade salad. that lasted all of one day. the rest of the week, i had people to see and things to do and managed to pile on more junk, culminating in saturday night take-out from a local italian joint. i ate for two even though i'm only one little person (so as to put to rest any pregnancy suspicion).

this week, week two of my "living alone" experiment, i've been much more focused on eating well. hell, i have to if i'm going to fit into the bridesmaid dress for my friend's wedding in three weeks. monday night, i made a delicious tofu, asparagus and red pepper stir fry over soba noodles. that's serving as lunch for half the week too. it was a simple stir-fry with a light rice vinegar & soy dressing. on tuesday night, i heated up a portabella gardenburger (tm) and added two slices of crisp bacon to the burger for added flavor. i only ate half the bun (that should undo some of my bacon sin). i also mashed some turnips, which was ok but would have been better with some cream. i was tempted to use soy yogurt as my thickening agent, but the more i pondered it, the grosser the idea got. tonight, i have a date with some girlfriends, but not before i put together a nice BLT salad for myself (ok, ok, more bacon, i know, but it's not carbs?). tomorrow night, it's girls' night in at my house, but i don't just what's on the menu yet.

i can't wait until ben is home because that boy is going to benefit from some exciting new recipes over the next few weeks. i'm bored with cooking for one.

all this talk of food has me hungry. time for my morning shredded wheat with almond milk. mmmmmm.


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